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A great first impression attracts attention, opens doors, invites opportunity and contributes to a happy, healthy self esteem!  It's a confidence building experience and you'll discover proven ways to look fabulous, and feel better about yourself.  We show you how special you are.

Colour Analysis for Women (1.5 - 2 hours)


For information on Chris' interactive colour book "What colour am I?" graphically displayed in full colour click here.
"What Colour Am I?"
puts you in the shoes of the Colour Consultant.

"Thank you very much for fitting me into the weekend session recently.  I went shopping, armed with my new colour swatches, and bought a some coloured clothes instead of my usual basic black. One of of my colleagues just asked for your web address as I apparently looked 'fabulous' yesterday. So another success story here!"
--- Kate Carruthers, Berowa

Personal Style and Body Dynamics for Women
Understand your body shape and dress it for your most elegant results. It's all about you, your body and your style!

For men:
Go to Colour for Men
Go to Mens Impression Management

'Kolor' for Kids (Ages 3 - 12)
... because they feel confident when they know their colours are helping them.

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