Professional Image is part of your Personal Branding.

Image influences the way clients and colleagues perceive and relate to you. 

Is business casual a costly experiment gone wrong? 

Casual dressing is a trigger to relax.  When hours are long, work demanding and often conducted at home, people need a line of demarcation!

Clothing can be that line.

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Business Programs

and Seminars.

As Colour and Image Consultants our programmes become your framework for more competent, more confident staff today.

If communication is a core function in successfully obtaining business for your organisation, then image is a key issue for you and your people.

Business in the 21st Century means more than your degree.  People buy images before product and that includes the image of your company and the image of your people.

The IT industry brought with it casual business dealings and casual dress. With that, research shows, came sloppy business habits, casual language, reduced productivity, increased sexual harassment, and less respectful communications - inter-office, intra-office, and with clients.

While the IT industry is tidying itself up, its sales forces have adopted a more appropriate style of business dress (invariably the suit). Have you noticed that?  Many mainstream businesses are still in 'casual dress freefall', unaware that smart business is swinging back to more appropriate business dress for the serious business of pleasing clients.  You will hear it being referred to as 'relaxed business' or 'appropriate business' or 'business appropriate' rather than 'casual business'.

The business suit is easy to buy, easy to wear, easy to dress up or down, and its image easy to update.  It's message is 'professional'.  Suit styles change slowly and an investment in a suit is readily re-couped over a number of years.   It defines the physique, neatens the posture and contributes to the power of an individual's presence.   Not so with casual clothing!

Casual clothing, being more relaxed on the body sends a relaxed message.  Posture becomes relaxed, even sloppy.  Casual clothing speaks more about where you'd rather be than where you are.  It does not send "I'm all present and professional".  Casual business dress is causing stress and confusion.  Casual clothing dates quickly, is more memorable and proving to be more expensive for all concerned.  Expensive for the individual and expensive for the organisation.  A number of surveys report productivity to be down by 60% on casual Fridays.  Staff are ready for the weekend on Thursday night!

Our programmes are designed to deliver personal skills which perfectly enhance and complement professional and academic skills.

Programmes, consulting services and coaching sessions are customised to your needs.

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Creative solutions - half day, one day, or two day workshops.  

Fortnightly or monthly coaching programmes.

Who should attend?

•  Partners
•  CEOs and Executive Management
•  Middle Management
•  In-house trainers
•  Graduates
•  Support Staff
•  Certainly CFOs, accountants and actuaries who interface with clients

Who will benefit, what will benefit from attending our programmes?

•  The attendee
•  Your organisation
•  Your clients and business partners
•  Personal relationships
•  Your career
•  Your confidence
•  Your bank account

Topics addressed

•  What Drives Image?
•  The Power of Image as a Communication Tool
•  Visual Credibility in the 21st Century
•  Business Etiquette and Modern Manners - Raising Awareness - Showing the Way
•  Impression Management - Raising the Bar on Personal Management
•  Image Tips for Trainers, Presenters and Facilitators
•  Psychology of Colour
•  Personal Presence - Harness and Focus the Power of Image

Keynote Speeches for Your Conference

•  Stealth Communications - a Strategic Business Skill
•  What You Say Before You Open Your Mouth

Gender specific workshops provide the most appropriate, effective and efficient forum for skills transfer and full discussion of the elements of personal and professional attire and presentation.

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The 8th Habit of Effective People - with respect to Stephen Covey …

"Have an organised, effective, efficient, professional wardrobe, and use it to create a good start, and a strong finish, to every day of your life."

A Message From Our Clients

"Your message on non-verbal communication and the subconscious impression we make on someone when we meet them for the first time is one that I always impress on our new graduates."
--- Director, KPMG

"The important consequence of your training, which is not commonly the case with training seminars, is that people 'take action' as a result of their learning."
--- Public Affairs Director, Cotton Australia

"...attendance level of all employees (both male and female, young and more mature) was high, and response to your presentation was very positive.  Many contacted me to let me know just how much they enjoyed and benefited from it."
--- HR Advisor, Caltex

"Chris has conducted several successful sessions with Caltex/Ampol.  This is testament to her outstanding delivery style, interactive presentations and friendly and approachable manner."
--- National Manager, Caltex Retail Program

"We highly recommend Chris for her professionalism and continually high standards."
--- Joint Managing Directors, Media Skills

"Chris is an excellent communicator, and obviously sincere in her desire to excite, motivate and educate her listener.  Her impact on her audience is considerable, and more importantly, lasting, something every client wants from their investment."
--- Presidential Director, Nutrimetics International (Australia)

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