Not just a positive career move - an essential career move. 

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Business Dress

for the 21st Century.

Image is your silent advantage, a passive yet powerfully influential skill.  This workshop gives you the techniques, the knowledge and the strategies to enhance your career and business opportunities.   High impact dressing is not just a positive career move, it is an essential career move. A second rate image can only insult your first rate mind and professional accomplishments, so ask yourself …

…do you look as polished and professional as you know you need to look, to go where you would like to go?
Tip - Dress for where you are going, not for where you have come from.

Do you wait for boutique sales and compromise your professional wardrobe in the process? 
- Be aware, looking for 'cheap' can mean 'looking cheap'.  

Do you buy things, take them home and wonder why you allowed yourself to even make such a purchase? 
- You make the decisions - not the store assistant.

Have you created a co-operative wardrobe or is it full of clothing, … yet you have nothing to wear? 
- Have every garment go with at least four other garments in your wardrobe ... or don't buy it!

Do you require clarity around the issue of business and business casual? 
- Be clear about what is suitable for business and … what is not! 

Do you believe that you look your personal best every day? 
Tip -
when you don't you sabotage yourself.

"...the workshops have been invaluable.  Our interactions over recent years, I believe have assisted me to achieve the success I enjoy today"
--- S Meaker, Manufacturing Manager, Arnotts  

"My job has just gone ahead in leaps and bounds and I'm sure this is again due to you.  Other firms ring me up and offer me jobs.  Bosses that have moved on to other companies ring and offer me jobs"
--- G. Bissell, Yowie Bay

"Just a quick note to let you know that the session was wonderful.  I really fell like I've learnt another language.  Discovering the science behind my colours and individual style so as to create a seamless image is empowering.  You'll be pleased to know I'm feeling a million dollars today in a new garnet shade of lipstick and that's just the beginning"
--- K. Murray, Media Trainer The Jordan Templeman Group

"I would like to thank you for your time and experience over the years. I set some goals some time ago and things have progressed nicely. 
My confidence has soared and as you may have seen on Today Tonight recently I even had the confidence to do a segment for them.   My sincere thanks for your support."
--- R Atkins, Sydney NSW

As a working woman you'll spend tens of thousands of dollars on your career wardrobe and live the greater part of your life in these clothes.   This workshop delivers the knowledge and the strategies you require for successful business dress.   You'll become more powerful in your presence.   You'll be more confident about what you buy.   You'll be more confident about how and when to wear it.  You'll know you look good!  You'll know you have the edge!  Book now!

Yes, high impact dressing - not just a positive career move, an essential career move.

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