Far more than knowing which fork to use ...

  …good manners open doors that a good education will not.

Good manners, as Miss Manners would say, are everyday behaviours. Good manners are not a choice on a drop down menu, pulled out for special occasions

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and modern manners.

Congratulations, you're here!   You're aware.   You know now that manners contribute to good first impressions and first impressions are lasting. Magnify your first impressions with immaculate manners and business etiquette.

Thoroughly bad manners belong to a sad few.   Poor manners on the other hand, belong to a large proportion of the population.  Many have simply not had the opportunity to learn at home or had the privilege of a mentor to guide them.

How has that happened and … is it too late for you?  It is never too late!

Good manners are most readily acquired in a window of time in our early childhood, when with good role models, appropriate guidance and advice, children absorb and practice interpersonal behaviours called manners.  

With the right environment, this information is built upon during adolescence and compounds to form a rich advantage and a strong foundation for interpersonal relationships throughout life.

Good manners open doors that a good education will not.

Good manners make the world go around with less confusion and fewer misunderstandings.   Good manners reduce ignorance and awkwardness.

Good manners require upgrading in changing times.

Good manners do not mean arrogant behaviours.   Good manners are not something performed by the elite on special occasions and good manners are not a choice on a drop down menu, pulled out to negotiate a good impression.

Good manners are everyday behaviours.   Thoughtful, considerate behaviours performed by everyday people, in everyday places, every day of a lifetime.   Good manners, like a good education, will not transform you into someone you are not.   They will be perceived by others as a natural extension of you.

Good manners are a 'home advantage'.  This 'home advantage' simply does not exist for a vast majority.   For many, the skills acquired at home and from friends fall short of even general standards.  Sophisticated social graces although necessary for most managerial positions, are simply not acquired without special guidance from a caring and patient, partner or mentor.  Some find it too embarrassing to ask or simply don't know where to look for advice.

If you greet your household every day with 'Good morning', you will by habit, greet others with 'Good morning'.  If you greet your household with a sullen 'grunt' and the excuse that you've not a 'morning person', then you will by habit greet your colleagues with the same rude 'grunt'! Imagine their relief when you're beyond 'grunt'.

Acquiring manners means education, application and practice, to create new habits.  We are here to assist you through the acquisition and/or polishing process.

Now is the time to create new habits which will become a part of every moment, of every day, for the rest of your life.  Good manners are an asset, part of your personal wealth.  Wealth creation begins at home.

Begin now!   It's not too late for you.  I'm sure you can see the sooner you begin, the sooner you reap the benefits of a more charming, more socially aware, more sophisticated you!

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