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Why? ... because "the ladder of success is harder to negotiate when dressed in the costume of failure or ignorance".

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It's first impressions every time!

Mercedes, BMW, IBM, Rolex, QANTAS and KPMG create products which they export across the world.

Hollywood creates images which they export across the world.

Both products are real - one is concrete, the other abstract.   One is more influential than the other!   Images - branding - precede product!  People buy product after the picture.

Impression Management is a business skill and a professional behaviour directly linked to your bottom line.   We live in a highly visual world.   First impressions are powerful.  They do influence.   The process of first impressions and indeed all impressions, are in action with or without your direct input - so be proactive in the image process and ensure that the impact you make is a positive impact.

The Power of Image is scientifically significant.   Image influences the esteem, prestige, authority and desirability people assign to your organisation, product or service.

These perceptions then influence the 'buy' decision - how much is your mediocre image costing you?  Professionally?  Personally?

You and your people are the face of your company, part of the public package, and part of the public measure of perception.   What impressions are you and your team sending to your prospective clients?

Employees and staff with high levels of personal presentation and professional behaviour are cost effective.   They create pride in the company and boost morale.   Imagine your people and company having a unique advantage over the competition through the unique information delivered within our programmes.  

Employees today look for positions which offer the opportunity to learn … or they leave!  At Chris Rewell Pty Ltd we address the issues most schools don't and most parents can't.  Talk to us about your people mastering the art of Personal Branding - Impression Management and the enormous advantages to be gained.

Our programmes are tailored to your needs - specialist groups, sales teams, talented individuals' programmes, executive polish, graduate grooming, and spouse programmes.

Business Programmes and Seminars
Programmes to empower team members through personal presence, non-verbal communication skills, improved confidence and proven insights into the way others perceive us.

Talented Individuals and Key Personnel -
Men's One-on-One Coaching/Programmes

Skills to empower and create rapport.  Skills to earn more money and command more respect.  Skills to increase confidence and effect better communications.

Talented Individuals and Key Personnel -
Women's One-on-One Coaching / Programmes

Personal presence = personal strength, greater confidence, more money and respect, and more effective communication.

Graduate and Student Package
...because you'll need more than a degree to have an edge.


Rapport building is essential to business relations.   Your ability to communicate effectively and efficiently is tied to your ability to build rapport.   The quality of your communications and the depth of information you obtain depend on the strength of the rapport you build.   Image, the silent component of communication, is five to six times more influential than words and plays an important role in fast tracking rapport and the communication process.

A poor to mediocre image is known to be a poor to medium convincer in business.   What is the opportunity cost to your organisation of a mediocre impression?

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