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"Your bank balance is in safer hands when the will to shop is accompanied by the skill to shop".
Chris Rewell

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for Men.

Blue chip or high risk?

Whether it's business casual or the AGM, the question is, "Do your colour choices support and define you and your work, or do they undermine your position?"

Colour is a lifetime tool to enhance your visual credibility for both career and personal benefit.

The wrong colours make you look tired, drawn, pale and unwell.   The right colours ensure you look healthy, dynamic, energetic and vital. 

Strengthen your image and enhance your communications through strategic use of Colour.  Any colour worn near your face will affect the colour of your skin.  You'll leave knowing which colours are harmonious with your skin, hair and eye tones.   You will look healthier, feel better and be more confident.

This programme available only as one-on-one coaching option. First available appointment October 2013.

Colour is your new best friend!  Use it to save yourself time, money, energy and reduce waste.  Shopping will be easier and you'll feel more confident about your purchases.  Colour co-ordination is simplified.  If shopping is a chore use your colour wallet to make it easy.

Your session also addresses hair colour options should you wish to colour your hair.  You'll discover your perfect metal, the colour of glasses, frames, complementary colours for lens tints, plus the best colours for precious and semi-precious stones.

Your suit (or your shirt and trouser) covers 90% of your most visual asset - you.   Will your next suit purchase support your values and enhance your career?  Or will it be a limiting decision which sabotages your professional image?  

By buying the wrong suit, you buy the wrong image.   Buy the right suit, and you'll buy the right image.  So … is your image blue chip or high risk?

Organise your colour appointment now.   Be confident about the clothing you purchase and the image you create.  Start grooming your personal wealth.

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