The Final Touch -

How to Work with Accessories.

Accessories are the least expensive and most effective way for you to update your wardrobe each season.  We'll show you how.

Discover a top-to-toe foolproof formula when you complete the final touch program. 

You'll learn:
•  The seven secrets of accessories
•  Which pieces to collect
•  How to wear them
•  How to strategically place them
•  How to make faux look fabulous
•  How to work with scarfs - you'll need them at some time in your life
•  How to throw a pashmina elegantly around your shoulders

"I certainly came away with new enthusiasm and with new insights into buying and using accessories.  I've had a BIG clean up of the dresser drawers.  Chris, you have helped me in my journey of self-discovery which has been wonderful and I have had almost as much enjoyment watching my friends as you've enthused, encouraged and guided them."
--- V. Jarrett, Sydney NSW

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