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Gauging Image -

an Age Old Skill.

Gauging image i.e. the way something looks, is not a new behaviour.  It is a deep rooted, old brain, primitive survival mechanism:

- 'are you my friend or my foe?  Do you belong to my tribe or not?  Do you speak my language or another?'

The unconscious mind learns early to be afraid of the unknown and seeks to identify, and particularly to catalogue, what it sees.  People, Things and Situations:
- 'seems like a trustworthy type' (this catalogues trustworthiness in People)
- 'I bet that cost you a packet' (this catalogues the cost of Things) and
- 'you could cut the tension with a knife' (this catalogues emotions within a Situation)

Stereo-typing is a shortcut we use to assign 'known' traits to new things we experience and don't yet actually know.

Imagine you meet someone and instantly feel uncomfortable ('sleazy' character).  How do you explain this?  How did you come to this conclusion?  Your unconscious mind, in a nanosecond registered a collection of clues that it recognised as having previously experienced.   Due to the outcome of that previous experience, you now label this new person 'sleaze' due to the 'match'.

Your reaction is to take measures to protect yourself.  You cut verbal contact, extend physical proximity if possible, or invite others to join you. 

In short, the image of the person influenced an immediate change in your choice of behaviour.

Stereo-typing is a natural and necessary behaviour.  We constantly do it to others and others do it us.  It's one of our assessment tools for survival.

Be proactive to ensure that the image you send creates appropriate, positive perceptions of you.  Don't know how to do that?  We'll show you how!

When you pay attention to yourself, others assume you'll pay attention to them and their business in a similar manner and they'll choose you to work with!

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