Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation… can't read the dinner menu when you leave your glasses at home.

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Great Frames.

As Colour and Image Consultants, one of our specialty services is assisting you to select great frames.  Imagine how relieved would you be to know you could choose the perfect frames every time, no exceptions.  How good would it be to check out 100 frames and know which frames to even bother trying on?

Nothing dates you as instantly as your old dated frames.   Nothing casts doubt on your position of currency as instantly as your old dated frames.

If you're selling, promoting, or marketing the 'cutting edge' of anything (a product or service) and your frames are more than two years old … now is the time to change them.   Cutting edge advice delivered through a time warp sends a mixed message and creates doubt.   New information delivered in an old dated package is not credible.

I know what you're thinking - you're too busy, your friends can't advise you and you can't afford to get it wrong … again!  Well that's where we step in to assist.

We know it's not always easy choosing new frames … unless of course you have contact lenses!   Well-meaning friends and family very rarely have the knowledge, expertise and objectivity necessary to select frames that will suit and fit your face perfectly.

We'll show you what to look for and teach you how to make perfect selections.   You'll learn the elements of your face shape and the corresponding elements of a frame that suits you.   You'll know how to judge the brow shape, the bridge, the frame shape, the width, the scale, the perfect colour and much more.   You'll become comfortable and confident about your selections and you'll receive a 10-point plan as a reference for the future.

Your 10 point plan plus your in-field, hands-on experience alongside Chris, will give you the skills and the confidence to ensure successful selection for as long as you choose to wear glasses.

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