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"If you do not change your direction, you may end up where you are going".

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Image Tips

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Image and Colour play a unique role when you have a message for a group. When you stand in front of any group, eight out of every ten people in the audience will process 'your presence' before they process 'your message'.   Visual pollution is your #1 enemy as a presenter/trainer.

If you truly care about your message and want a powerful delivery, then you will care about the messages you send through your non-verbals and behaviours.

A message once spoken dissipates - it doesn't hang in the air for all to see and examine.   Your clothing on the other hand is an up-front statement about you and your choices throughout your entire presentation and therefore has the potential to be a distraction for the entire presentation.

It is critical as a presenter that your verbal message be supported with congruent non-verbal messages.

Whether it's the board or the boss, the sales team or a single person, family or friends, you can make a positive, seamless, memorable impact on your audience with your next speech, presentation, or public appearance.  We will assist you.

Because your external appearance plus your internal body and mind processes affect your behaviour and confidence levels, it ultimately affects ... your results.

Chris will assist you to appreciate just what to avoid, what to select, and how to use your clothing and appearance to strategically complement your verbal presentation.   Feel comfortable and confident as you impress, motivate and influence those you interact with.

This programme delivers the skills you require for seamless communications.   You'll learn to create congruence between all your communication elements - verbal, non-verbal and behavioural.  

A nonchalant, unconsidered, mediocre approach to your personal presence when delivering training is akin to carelessness and professional neglect.

Can you picture youself as a complete, perfect, professional package?  Contact Chris now!

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