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… "fat wallets kink your back"  

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Men's Impression Management

Professional Image & Visual Credibility.

Lift the bar of your Prime Impressions

As your Image Consultants we'll show you absolutely everything you need to know about contemporary business dress, form and function for your wardrobe. 

Image is a pivotal and readily available tool in the marketing of your most important brand … you!   Yes, you are a package.   You require a distinctively defined professional appearance.   What's your brand?

Research shows that people do business with people they 'like' and people they 'trust'.   We use visual cues to assign trust and authority to an individual.  We then seek to find congruence in what we see and what we hear.   You have the power to ensure that you send messages of trust and authority.   A cheap suit, a saggy jacket, dated ties, old shirts, inappropriate colours, scuffed shoes, pilled socks, a weak hand shake - just a few behaviours which set up barriers and sabotage your progress.   Imagine these being rectified quickly!

This programme discusses and delivers absolutely everything you need to know about contemporary business dress and personal branding.  It will move you and your career forward:

•  The role of clothing and first impressions in business
•  The dynamics of your Face shape, Body shape and Body proportions
•  The cut and fabric most appropriate for a suit for your physique
•  Proper fit for jackets, shirts and trousers
•  Suitable fabrics and effective wear and care
•  Suit, shirt and tie patterns and how to combine them
•  Selecting appropriate shoes for suits, jackets and trousers
•  When and how to wear your cuff-links
•  Accessories for the business world
•  Professional and 'relaxed business' / 'business appropriate' dress
•  Leisure clothing
•  Evening dress for the modern man

$$$$$$$$$$$ and cents and boys' toys!

Have you asked yourself recently - in fact ever, how much you'll spend on your clothing in a lifetime?   Work it out.   It's a rather large sum.   Enough to buy a quality car.   Enough for a reasonable real estate deposit.   But … do you realise, that you'll spend more time researching the purchase of a watch, or the planning of a holiday, than you will the planning and purchase of your wardrobe, even though your wardrobe has the power to influence your career and earning capacity?

Knowledge is power.  Imagine knowing exactly what you are doing and mastering your impression management skills.  Imagine the benefits of visual credibility.  It pays handsome dividends in your professional and personal life.

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