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Mini Container

Travel Packs.

Our mini container travel packs are your perfect travel partner.  They are also a "must have" for busy women on the go - overnight, overland or overseas - mini containers to make your life and packing a breeze
(Actual size of pouch 12cm x 13cm).

It's never been a smart move to travel with bulky, heavy, hair care and skin care products, however many of us have done so.  With changes to security laws you will find mini containers meet the travel guidelines and allow you to have some supplies in your cabin luggage. 

Mini Packs for ...

• Your everyday handbag
• A day away
• A weekend
• An overnight stay
• The kids
• Your own special needs
• A fun, practical and inexpensive gift for adults or children

Some suggesions for:
Hair Care on the Go

1. Hair Spray (spray bottle 25ml)
2. Shampoo (bottle 30ml)
3. Conditioner (bottle 30ml)
4. Fudge/Wax (tub 10ml)
5. Treatment (tub 10ml)
6. Miniature Funnel

Skin Care - Any Time, Any Place

1. Facial Spray (spray bottle 25ml)
2. Cleanser (bottle 30ml)
3. Toner (bottle 30ml)
4. Moisturiser (tub 10ml)
5. Night Cream (tub 10ml)
6. Miniature Funnel

Outdoor Ouch Pouch

1. Stingoes (spray bottle 25ml)
2. Sunscreen (bottle 30ml)
3. Insect Repellant (bottle 30ml)
4. Moisturiser (tub 10ml)
5. After Sun Lotion (tub 10ml)
6. Miniature Funnel

Daily Doses and Other Stuff

1. Anti Statique (spray bottle 25ml)
2. Nail Polish Remover (bottle 30ml)
3. Listerine (bottle 30ml)
4. Vitamins, Berocca (tub 10ml)
5. Asprin or similar (tub 10ml)
6. Miniature Funnel

3 pouches for only $25
includes postage

Light to carry, easy to handle and totally inexpensive.  The nattiest little gift for all your friends, great for travellers and super for teenagers.

Get yours today and why not order a set for a friend!

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