Organiser Appointment.

Perhaps you're not one to stuff your body with junk food but ... are you one to stuff your wardrobe with junk clothes!  As your Colour and Image Consultants we'll show you how to clean out the clutter and have more outfits from less garments.

Closet Clean

•  When you look into your wardrobe, do outfits stand alone and not cooperate?
•  Does your wardrobe lack imagination when you want a shot of pizzazz?
•  Does your wardrobe store pieces you rarely wear?
•  Have you held onto pieces only because you feel guilt and/or hate waste?
•  Do you hold things way past their use-by dates?
•  Do you honestly believe your classic outfit will not date?
•  Have you bought things and never worn them?  Bought things and they still have the tag on?
•  Are you way behind real time and wondering how to pick up on what's new and going on?

Answer 'yes' to any of these questions and you're ready for a closet clean!

Relax, no need to speed dial the Salvos!   Just click here now ... to book your appointment.

"Thank you once again for your brilliant ideas in re-organising my wardrobe.  I am enjoying my 'new outfits'!"
--- N Morozova, Rosebery

Refresh your wardrobe, take a load off your shoulders - it's therapeutic, you'll clear more than clothing.   Enjoy an effective wardrobe and move onward and upward with less clutter in your life!

If sorting your wardrobe is too much to contemplate, or you simply don't have the time, help is on the way … call us to book your appointment now!

"... thank you so much for the time you spent with me - I found the info invaluable and have been getting lots of compliments. I bought the purple shoes and wear them a great deal. Also managed to get a great denim jacket, a red top, some grey trousers and some funky accessories so I am getting there.  Thank you again."
--- C McAuliffe, Stanmore

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