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"The Heart of Make-up" is an exciting new release for real women with real lives wanting real make-up for everyday use.

Many occasions in life are more powerful for you when you put your best face forward. Every woman can can look her best and even turn heads ... and the process is quick and easy.  Just follow the simple steps on page 73 and you'll have results in a flash. Want more than that? Then check out the 47 tips on great lips, 38 magic tips for mascara, 40 tips to get a flawless foundation and much, much more.

Order your copy of Chris' full colour make-up book "The Heart of Make-up" to discover how make-up enhances your natural beauty.  "The Heart of Make-up" will reveal over 500 fabulous tips and techniques to build your confidence when applying your make-up.
To order your autographed copy now
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"What colour am I?" is the world's first interactive colour book.  It's innovative, quick, easy, fun and proving to be very popular. 

Second edition now released as launched in Chicago USA Bigger and bolder with more options and more colours!

Graphically displayed in full colour and specifically designed and printed so you can discover your own colours.  Test pages are printed in mirror imaged text to allow you to easily read your book as you assess your colours in the mirror. 

Caucasian, African-American, African, Eurasian, Asian and Hispanic skin tones.  Just follow the simple instructions for your skin tones.

"... I was delighted to be able to read the text in the mirror without having to keep taking the book down to read it - nice touch!"
--- C Watts, Hassall Grove

Prefer company? ... gather your friends for a glass of bubbly or your favourite coffee and discover your colours together.  Hair colours, lipstick colours, blush colours, jewellery colours and accessory colours.

You'll find the secrets of colour exposed as you step into the shoes of the colour consultant with your copy of
"What colour am I?"
. Click here to get started.

"... thank you for your book. I thought it was really well put together and easy to use. The reverse printing and pages cut to frame the face are quite inspired. I also love the extra bits that can be accessed via the web, what a wonderful way to make a book grow."
--- Meredith Hatton, Bowral

And what a great gift for Mum. Click here for more information.

"What colour am I?" is "the" book for everyone advising others on make-up or colour selections. 

"I've recently bought your book and just wanted to congratulate you on it! It is absolutely wonderful and worth the wait!"
--- A Grzic, Cherrybrook

Fabulous for teenagers exploring fashion and make-up. 

"I received a copy of your book the other day…Congratulations it's absolutely wonderful! You must have had your work cut out, ensuring the publisher reproduced the colours so accurately!! I love it!"
--- H Stewart, North Rockhampton QLD

An innovative book for technology and textile educators for the colour section of your curriculum.  "What colour am I?" is perfect for individuals working with fabrics and fashion.

"The books arrived last night and I am very impressed. Well thought out and presented."
--- L McGuirk, East Maitland

Work or play, its fun for all.  Use "What colour am I?" for an innovative new team building exercise. 

"I just wanted to let you know that Carolyn and Holly are thrilled with your book and have had lots of fun with it."
--- P English, Hurstville

"The Heart of Make-up" RRP $45 buy now for only $35 per copy plus postage and handling of $10 for up to 2 books per package within Australia - yes, share the postage with a friend.
All overseas postage $16 per book.  Order your copy here.  

"What colour am I?" RRP $49 buy now for only $39 per copy plus postage and handling of $10 for up to 2 books per package within Australia - yes, share the postage with a friend.
All overseas postage $16 per book.  Order your copy here.   

"I received your book, it is fabulous, congratulations."
--- A Gehrig, Aberglasslyn

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