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Personal Style

and Body Dynamics - Women.

As a personal and corporate colour and image stylist Chris is passionate about sharing everything she knows when she meets with you.  She wants you to feel confident about who you are and the way you look. 

This is an information-packed, dynamic programme, to guide you to your unique 'style' and to an appreciation of your body image.

Bodies, like bank accounts, are not born equal but regardless of your body shape, you can absolutely have style and be a confident woman.   It's not your body shape that matters. It's how you dress it, that determines if you flatter it. We'll show you how to become the stunning, stylish, sassy woman you want to be.  Call Chris on (02) 9923 2524 if you're ready now.

As Coco Chanel, the stylist of her era once said ... style stays while fashion fades.  As your Stylist, we show you how to create your most flattering image.

Your facial features, height and body proportions all influence the elements of your style and therefore the best way to select clothing for your wardrobe.

You'll discover your face shape, understand your body shape, measure your proportions and learn how to use them to your best advantage.   Chris will show you how to love your shape and let it look great ... and she's just a call away.  Start now!  Click here

"A big 'thank you' for a really knock-out  day last Sunday.  Your Style course is superbly put together and gave me lovely ideas for both revamping my existing wardrobe and adding to it"
--- S. Parker, Paddington QLD

"The miracles you work Chris, never cease to amaze me"
--- G. Wigg, Castle Hill NSW

"Please let me thank you for the wonderful sessions that we shared on Saturday and Sunday.  Your professional approach, great skills and confidence, generosity of time and hospitality, all interspersed with a unique sense of humour, made the learning experience a pleasure!"
--- H. Glassman, Windaroo QLD

"I had more compliments than I've ever had before in my life!!  From strangers!  I thanked them and smiled and thought 'Chris said this would happen!'"
--- E. Jenner, Merewether NSW

We'll give you solutions for your figure challenges.  If you'd like to look taller or slimmer, or simply create an illusion of slimmer thighs or a smaller bust … we have the solutions for you!   Your most flattering skirt and jacket lengths?   Yes, we'll show you that too!   Want a fabulous hairstyle for your unique face shape? We'll connect you to our hair stylist.

You'll leave with a portfolio of information and a collection of new and exciting strategies so you can edit fashion and select only those styles which flatter your body and express your personality.  You'll be able to assess your existing wardrobe and move forward to build a new and perfect wardrobe just as you've always wanted.

Join us for this fun, very busy, practical programme.   You'll change the way you see yourself.   The information will change the way you dress.  New strategies will change the way you shop.  This programme will increase your confidence and your self-esteem forever.  Start now!  Click here

"Once again, I've come away with a wealth of information and a new lease of energy in anticipation of improving my image! I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday, and really appreciate your ongoing generosity and enthusiasm."

--- Katrina Lim, Stanmore

"Thanks so much for a great and invaluable day.  Worth every dollar."
--- Janine Conway, Sydney

"Thanks again for a fabulous workshop finding out all about my body shape & what works best for me. It was a really fun day. I have made some very nice purchases this winter thanks to your guidance, and have received lots of compliments, so it's obviously working."
--- Cheryl Gunner, North Parramatta

Yes, today is the best day to begin being all that you are right now!

Contact Chris!

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Swimsuit - Article

Gauging Image - Article

"Just some postive feedback for you. All this accomplished today
1. Have a new hairstyle courtesy of Brett
2. Found a gorgeous pair of fashionable shoes in my size  and put my name on the mailing list for when their small sizes and new season range arrives
3. Have taken my jacket for alterations.

4. Feel like I am totally on track for a new me.
Thank you"
--- D. Muriti, West Pennant Hills

"I really enjoyed the Style day and having shopped recently found it very helpful when searching among the racks! My wardrobe has been quite bare for a while so it was great to go shopping with a clean slate and some new guidelines. I actually bought a watermelon tshirt which I never would have done before...and it looks amazing.....actually let me rephrase that...I look amazing!!  Chris, thanks for all your help always. Its always a pleasure to see you and to learn and gain inspiration from someone I consider very stylish!  I'm on the path to 40 and loving it!"
--- M. Yallop, Galston

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday's workshop.  When I got home and rang my mum, I realised just how much info I'd actually digested during the day!  I also found myself looking at people's lapels and jacket lines all day today! ... I can't wait to do the colour workshop now to really pull it all together!"
--- E. Mulhollann, Elizabeth Bay NSW

"... I saw you about 18 months ago and I have been meaning to write and thank you for all your advice.  If only I had known 30 years ago what you showed me 18 months ago.  At the age of 55 I have changed my colours and jewellery.  Everyone has commented which has given me a big boost to the ego."
--- C. Blackshaw, Epping

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