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Self-Assess your

Business Etiquette Skills.

1.  How do you properly greet and farewell a visitor to your office?

2.  Who should sit first once your meeting group enters the meeting room?

3.  Is it true or false that it is poor manners and inappropriate to rest your knife and fork on the plate with the handles resting on the table?

4.  Is it true or false that the end of the handle of both the knife and the fork should be concealed in the palm of the hand?

5.  Where should you place your napkin if it is necessary for you to leave the table during a meal?

6.  Which condiments do you apply over your meal and which condiments do you apply to the side of your plate?

7.   What does 'bite size' mean?
a)   As much as you can put in your mouth with cheeks expanded?
b)   As much as you can put in your mouth when your mouth is open to its maximum position? 
c)   As much as you can put in your mouth when it is comfortably opened, approximately 3cm?

Don't know all the answers?  You really should! 

It's not easy … in fact it can be very uncomfortable and even embarrassing for management when it is necessary that they draw your attention to your need to up-skill your manners and social graces, i.e. you have not met basic business benchmarks.  Management would prefer and expects you to have learned these skills prior to you joining the organisation.

Because it is so much easier to ssuggest upgrading professional and technical skills than it is to suggest upgrading your social awareness, office etiquette and table manners, you will be overlooked and opportunities will pass you by.

If you have had full and proper etiquette training you will know it.   If you do not have these skills, those in a position to fast track your career will be aware you lack these skills.

Your competition is years ahead of you - make a plan now.   See it now.   Get going with it.  Be confident.  Make sure you are socially aware and adept in every situation you will be confronted with, in both your personal life and your career.

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