Self-Assess your

Impression Management Skills.

Self-Assess your Impression Management Skills

1.  Is your physique best suited to:- Single or double breasted suits and if both, which is your most credible style?

2.  What determines whether you are best to wear:- Single vent, double vent or no vent?

3.  Which of the following button options on a jacket are best for your height and body build:-

6 button options...
• 6 button with 3 to button
• 6 button with 2 to button
• 6 button with 1 to button

4 button options...
• 4 button with 2 to button
• 4 button with 1 to button

4.  Are you best suited to:- Plain finish on trouser hem or cuff finish on trouser hem?

5.  Do the terms 'narrow spread', 'standard spread' and 'wide spread' refer to trouser legs, stripes or collars?

6.  Which suit has the least shaping:- Italian, Saville Row or Brooks Bros cut?

7.  Which shoes are not appropriate with a suit:- Lace-ups, Monks or Slip-ons with a tassel?

8.  Is it tasteful or tacky to wear cuff-links with a barrel cuff?

9.  When is it appropriate to shake a woman's hand?

10.  What are the new rules for opening doors?

Did you answer the questions confidently?   These questions are only a small sample of the wide range of issues and hundreds of questions this programme addresses for you.

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