"Image is a value-add you deliver the instant you walk through the door."
Chris Rewell

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Are you ready to move to the next level?  Join Sydney's most experienced Colour and Image Stylist.  Why?

Because you are your most visual asset, your most important asset and your presence is not a neutral factor in your life.   It contributes either POSITIVELY or NEGATIVELY toward how others perceive you.  It will never be neutral and with the right information you'll have the power to tip the scales in your favour.  Others are doing it, so why give them an advantage?

Your choice of attire is an immediate and readily obtained informational cue which others note and use to gauge you.   This evaluation is an evolutionary primitive brain behaviour closely connected to your survival needs.  The process is in action whether you are involved or not, so why not be positively influencing the process and ensure that your best interests are being served.   This is a powerful and valuable skill to develop.  It's a life skill in fact.

Research reports that as the quality of your presentation increases, so does your persuasive communication effectiveness and credibility.   Be involved, be influential, get better results and make more positive impressions in all your dealings and relationships - both business and private. This program ensures that your presentation does not undermine an otherwise excellent position.  Chris will show you how to have a strong image, positive communications and professional presence.

Well-groomed people:

•  have more favourable social interactions
•  are considered to be "more pleasant"
•  are offered more opportunities
•  are able to solicit volunteers, help, compliance, money and physical assistance with less effort
•  are perceived as more likeable, trustworthy and honest

As you are your most visual and most important asset, it goes unsaid that your Image will contribute to your journey and success.  

"Confidence boosting.  Challenging but reassuring.  Best day of training I have ever done."
--- C. Cassidy-Vernon, Perth WA

"... my entire image changed - both inwardly and outwardly.  For the first time I know what clothes, colours, make-up and hair really suit me.  I am confident now when I go shopping to buy only what will make me look my best.  The reaction from my family and friends has been amazing.  My husband loves it!  My friends whom I have known for years walk right past me.  My students all say I look 10 years younger.  My professional colleagues speak to me differently with more professionalism, confidence and respect.  It has given me the confidence to know that I always look my best and therefore I always feel my best."
--- A Haemmerle, Manly

Achieve through this programme the skills you require to move seamlessly ahead in your career.  The choice is yours.

•  Select your preferred workshops … create your own programme
•  Frame and shape your own day … half day, one day or two days, on-going monthly programmes, half yearly updates    with Chris
•  Book to suit your diary


Doctor Joyce Brothers , in her research, established that the way we look powerfully influences our general well-being.   When we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good we become more confident.   With that enhanced confidence we become capable of higher levels of achievement which in turn attracts more acknowledgment.   This positive reinforcement means we feel good again and so the cycle continues.

Wouldn't you like to start your positive upward cycle right now?   Why wait to be a better you?  Choose your course from the list below now!

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Coaching Options

Core Skills

Colour For Women (1.5 - 2 hours)
Want to make the most of your personal presence and be positively noticed?  Make a striking impression? Be sure to order your copy of What colour am I? It's a world first interactive, colour book.

Personal Style and Body Dynamics (4.5 hours)
An accelerated understanding of what your body is, how to dress to advantage, how to edit fashion and be more desirable - all in one half day

Make-Up Tuition (1.5 - 2 hours)
Research tells us that women who wear make-up feel more confident and earn more money!  Enhance your best features, play down the others - want to learn how? Check out Chris' fabulous new book ... The Heart of Make-up. You'll receive a free copy when you book your Make-up session to be completed in the next three months.

Business Dress for the 21st Century (4 hours)
Your professional image is constantly at work - even when you're not.  Use your image to impress those who matter and move ahead in your career - it's easy!

Business Etiquette and Modern Manners (3 hours)
Polish for allNever be embarassed - handle any situation with confidence 

Selecting Great Frames (3 hours)
Spectacles to enhance your personal presence.  Add to your professional image.  Look great and feel confident about your selection

Your Wardrobe Capsule (2 hours)
Personal Organiser Appointment - Closet Clean (3 hours minimum)
Personal Shopping (3 hours minimum)
Learn how to pull a great outfit together

The Final Touch - How to Work with Accessories (2 hours)
The "Finishing School" for your image.  Those final bits that make all the difference

Additional Options

Image Tips for Trainers, Presenters, Coaches and Facilitators (2 hours)
Stand up with confidence and flair


Advanced Colour - Creating the 'WOW' factor with colour (1.5 hours)

Individual/Specialist Needs (hourly rate)
•  Special Occasion
•  Unique needs and specialist advice
•  Plus Size Coaching for the Fuller Figure (1.5 - 2 hours)    See article for Fuller Figure

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