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"Dress for where you are going, not for where you have come from."

Presentation skills enhance your Image.

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It's true.   Your appearance is part of your non-verbal communication and is a hidden persuader. Chris Rewell Image and Colour Consultants will show you how to use your most visual and valuable asset ... you!!

Your presence and personal presentation skills influence and distinguish you from others.

Your presence contributes either positively or negatively to the way others perceive you.   Your presence is never neutral, so ...what distinguishes you from the pack?

Your choice of attire is a valuable informational cue, immediately available and readily used by others.   Research concludes that when the quality of your personal branding increases, so does your persuasive communication effectiveness and credibility.   Always remember - the judgment is happening, with or without you, so be involved and create a positive prime impression.  Create positive personal branding.

"Seriously professional and extremely helpful."
--- K. McLachlan, Normanhurst

Prime impressions can make or break.  Research concludes that well-presented, well-groomed people:
•  Are perceived as more likeable, trustworthy and honest
•  Are offered more opportunities
•  Have more favourable social relationships and,
•  are able to solicit volunteers, help, compliance, money and physical assistance with less effort.

Is your career sluggish?   Your wardrobe dated or stodgy?  Need to get some forward momentum?   A strong, stylish, professional presence which reflects congruence, appropriateness, quality and good taste will positively influence those who make decisions about your progress.

Understand quality.   Buy the best you can afford, low quality clothing does not serve you.  Quality is a professional benchmark.   When you are not wearing quality you make one of four statements:

1. You don't know what quality is. (This speaks volumes about your background)
2. You can't afford quality. (Indication of your level of success)
3. You simply don't care. (Speaks loudly of your attitude)
4. You have other priorities. (Others don't know this and they'll assume one of the previous three)

It's not about impressing 'the masses' - it's about impressing 'those who matter'.   Impress the person who allocates the position you want, the promotion you desire, the pay rise you deserve, and the perks you're looking for, whether that's within your company or through an executive head hunter.

So … if your application or proposal was looked over, and then over-looked, if you were not considered for that promotion or project when you believe you were in the running, you may be missing the polish and presence that gave the successful candidate the winning edge.

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You choose -
•  Select your preferred workshops … create your own programme
•  Frame your own day … half day, one day, two days, monthly
•  Book to suit your diary

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Your Coaching Options
Core Skills

Colour for Men (2 hours)
Look and feel great wearing your unique colours

Men's Impression Management - Professional Image and Visual Credibility (5 hours)
Create a strong first impression and be remembered positively

Business Etiquette and Modern Manners (3 hours)
Too many don't know they don't know.  Be comfortable and confident in any situation

Additional Skills

Selecting Great Frames (3 hours)
In-field and hands-on for that great profesisonal look

Image Tips for Trainers, Presenters, Coaches and Facilitators (2 hours)
Visual Pollution - fast tracking the message - know that you will be heard

Service Options (hourly rate)
•  Wardrobe Detailing (3 hour minimum)
•  Personal Shopping (3 hour minimum)
•  Special Occasion
•  Unique Needs and Specialist advice

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