The 5 P's - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Plan and pull together a 'wow' wardrobe!

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As your Colour and Image Consultants we'll show and deliver tricks, tips and strategies so you can plan a fabulous wardrobe and keep it free from clutter.  In your busy life, your wardrobe needs to serve you - you should not serve your wardrobe.

We'll provide all the know-how and detail you will ever need to plan and pull together a wonderful wardrobe you'll just love to wear.

Make your life easy.   Be the envy of your friends.   Put a major dose of 'wow' into your wardrobe.  

•  You'll see the value of Neutrals and Basics in your big plan
•  You'll learn the fun of Prints and how to mix and match them
•  You'll see the power of Colours
•  You'll get the big plan so you can redo it every season
•  You'll discover the key colours for building your wardrobe
•  You'll know your key garments and how to work with them
•  You'll learn the 10 Essential Accessories
•  You'll discover the 4 must-have shoe styles and
•  The 6 most effective ways to 'WOW!' with a scarf

We'll teach you when to shop, when not to shop.   You'll learn what to buy and what not to buy.

You'll learn about PPW (price per wear) and we'll show you how you can create 60 outfits from only 18 garments.   You'll learn tricks to create quality for a fraction of the price.   To master the art of the Wardrobe Capsule and enjoy your wardrobe every season. Do it now - click here!

What particpants say about the Wardrobe Capsule session:

"I thoroughly enjoyed "The Art of Wardrobing" last night. It has certainly energized me and given me lots to think about in terms of streamlining my wardrobe. I couldn't go to sleep last night as I was mulling my wardrobe over in my head. I have already started by going through my business clothes. A number have been put in the "move on" pile and I have been trying on Jackets and will be taking a number to Mr Hayle for shortening and adjusting on Friday. I thought this would give the jackets further life and give me more mix n'match options with skirts and pants.   Thanks for all your wonderful guidance, advice and handy hints."
--- M Maynes, Sydney NSW

"Through watching and listening to the sound advice you gave us, you have given me the confidence and knowledge to add to my 'capsule'.  I look forward to many more meetings with you"
--- M. Freeman, Paddington

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Wardrobe Capsule.  So full of useful tips and ideas.  The information learned goes hand in hand
with the areas already covered in your Colour and Style workshops"
--- J. Auld

If you can't picture your wardrobe working for you for every occasion, then contact Chris now to get it organised!

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